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Travel Jobs Guide: DiDi’s Escape from Cubicle-traz

Posted on 18 July 2013 (0)
Cruise ship jobs

Maybe in another life…

Seeing as how the ‘waiting impatiently for Mr. Right’ life hacking strategy hasn’t been going very well so far. Your faithful, humble, bored, unhappy, and slightly-drunk-on-the-job narrator, DiDi, decided to perform some top level research-ish analysis on other strategies for escaping the dull misery of corporate invisible, indentured servitude.

Here are six completely awesome jobs in travel and tourism that I’ll probably never even apply for but that probably pay twice as much as what I make while being 100 million times as much fun: [...]

Quebec City Tourism: 5 Places to See

Posted on 18 July 2013 (0)

Some days when I’m sitting at my desk, staring into the faux-carpet cubicle walls for hours on end I like to distract myself with pretty pictures then ALT-TAB to a spreadsheet when my boss comes near. I know it’s him because his shoes thomp like Thumper from Bambi. He wears them two sizes too big because he’s a tiny fellow with a Napoleon complex.

While most, normal people like to stare at beach pictures — that’s not for me. The sand makes me itch and the sun makes me blister. No thanks! I rather prefer the open wonder and quasi-European romanticism of Quebec City.

With all that time to burn, I’ve seen just about every photo of Quebec City there is to see, and here is my list of the five places you can’t miss:

1.) Château Frontenac

Château Frontenac

Famous for being the most photographed hotel in the world. Or, rather, they like to call themselves an “urban resort.” Well, I like to call myself a Kennedy, but that doesn’t make it so! [...]

Ndidi Onukwulu’s Discography

Posted on 18 July 2013 (0)

musicThough Ndidi isn’t touring anymore this summer unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy her smooth vocals and the rhyhtmic beats of her band mates like Madagascar Slim.

Here’s a list of all her albums and songs. Makes for great, easy listening for your cross-Canada road trip. :)

No I Never

“Horn Blower”
“Wicked Lady”
“Hey There”
“May Be the Last Time, I Don’t Know”
“Seen You Before”
“Old Heart”
“Long Way Home”

The Contradictor

“SK Final”
“The Lady and E”
“Forever SZ”
“Almost JD”
“Goodnight JF”
“Move Together”
“No Everybody”
“Her House is Empty KH”
“Boogie MB”
“Cry All Day”
“He Needs Me”


“The Whisper” (single)
“On The Metro”
“Around The Corner”
“Kissing On A Bridge”
“Crossing The Line”
“Old Road”
“The Escape”
“Little Dream”
“Waiting For A Sign”
“It Isn’t You”
“Heart of Steel”
“Under The Sky”

Traveling Long-Term: The Solution For What to Do With All Your Stuff

Posted on 27 February 2014 (0)

travelAre you traveling away from your house for a long term period of a year or more?

Do you have a lot of stuff that you don’t want to get rid of?

Then we might have the perfect solution for you.

When traveling for long periods of time, such as 6 months to a year and beyond, you probably don’t want to be paying your rent or mortgage (if you have one) while you’re away on top of all your other travel expenses.

Instead, there is a solution called temporary storage where you can store all your stuff very securely without paying the high monthly cost of rent or mortgage.

How is this possible?

It’s because temporary storage are spaces just large enough to fit all your stuff – like oversize lockers.

This way, you don’t have to pay rent or any other living costs in your home location while your traveling.

There are two main forms of storage, permanent storage and mobile storage. Mobile storage (also known has portable storage) are containers that can be easily moved from location to location and are not fixed to a permanent location such as a building.

Permanent storage is typically a large warehouse sanctioned off into individual garages of various size that you can rent out space from each month. These are fixed locations that cannot be moved.

Finding portable storage units near you is pretty easy with this handy directory. Just find your city and you can browse the local companies offering mobile storage services.

The handy thing about portable storage units is that if need by, you can have your storage containers shipped (albeit expensive) to the location you’re traveling to if you ever decide that you want to settle down there.

That is why mobile storage offers the perfect solution for people who are going to be traveling for long periods of time without a mortgage to come back to. You never know what can happen!

Again, if you want to find the best portable storage company near you, use

Once you have contacted your storage company, you will have your storage container delivered to your desired and authorized location. Some landowners will allow you to leave your storage container on their property for a nominal fee. These landowners are also authorized and checked so you can rest assure that they won’t run off with your container.

However, it is still not the safest solution or as safe as permanent storage.

If you like the idea of permanent storage, you can contact the storage companies near you to see if any permanent storage companies will allow you to leave their mobile storage container on their property and behind their locked gates.

This might be the best solution since you will want to have the peace of mind that no one is going to try and break into your container; however, make sure your local storage company offers that feature.

Have any of you used storage while you were away traveling? How did it go and do you wish you did anything differently?

The key rules to maintaining the cleanliness of the Porta Potty

Posted on 27 February 2014 (0)

Porta PottyWe all usually support the school of thought of having porta potty for our events. It definitely contributes to our convenience. However, there is another essential aspect that we cannot ignore and that is maintaining the cleanliness of the porta potty. For example, you go out camping with your friends and you take the porta potty along. However, everyone will have to contribute their bit to keeping the porta potty clean. If you know the basics then it would become easier to maintain the cleanliness plus you will be able to enjoy a quality time with your friends. Therefore following is the guideline.

The basics of keeping the porta potty clean

  • The easiest way is to have an attendant. However, if you do not want an additional person on board then you will have to manage the task yourself. The major job is to keep the water tank clean. The water needs to be removed from the tank and the tank may need to be hosed for removing any dirt or accumulations in the tank. Moreover, you need to take a bit of care at your end because usually the tank has a connection with other components. Therefore, you would need to take adequate care.
  •  Good cleaning solutions can definitely help you. Well spend some on your convenience and get hold of some of the best cleaning solutions from the market. Make sure that you  make use of a protective clothing while you are cleaning the porta potty. You should make sure that you have  rubber gloves. This would avoid your direct contact with the dirt.  If you want to avoid anything from splashing on your clothes then you should have an apron. If the smell of disinfectants tend to irritate you make sure that you have a face mask as well.
  • Now if separate shoes are kept for the porta potty this can save you from a lot of hardwork. This way people would not make the porta potty dirty because of the shoes. Moreover, you have to make sure that you keep it as dry as possible. Even having air fresheners is not a bad idea. This would avoid any smell from accumulating in the porta potty.

These are some of the basics that you should know for sure. There is no question about the Porta Potty Pros. The only thing is that you should be aware of the basics mentioned above. If you take care of the basic things mentioned you would not have a hard time cleaning the porty potty everytime. Moreover, even if many people would be using the porta potty cleanliness would be still maintained. Above all you would not need an additional attendant to manage the cleaning up. The best part is that when you will be following the cleanliness rules you would be setting a positive impression upon the people who are accompanying you. They would get the feel that you value everyone’s comfort.


Benefits of Travelling Alone

Posted on 24 February 2014 (0)

Girl on the peak of mountain. Landscape composition.I’m a lone traveler, and I’ve seen and heard various reactions about it. Why travel alone? You should at least have a friend or two who wants to go with you… of course I do, and I travel with them at times. But with traveling by yourself, you get to discover more about the surroundings, about the wonderful places and about yourself. Plus, traveling alone is not really so bad. As long as you have a camera, a handy backpack, enough cash and the urge to get on your feet then you’re good to go.


Obviously, the first thing you either discover or develop on yourself is independence. Travelling alone is amazingly fun and addictive, for me at least. But it can also be a big challenge especially when you visit Russia for example and all you speak is plain English. You have to learn how to negotiate and how to understand others in a snap. Since there’s no one else with you whom you can make decisions with, you have to be quick and abrupt about it. In case you get lost, it’s either you find yourself in a map or you ask the locals. If you have to wake up early the next day, it’s either you don’t sleep at all or you beg your alarm clock to work this time.

Better social skills

Journeying by yourself is also of great help in improving your social skills. This is no time to be ashamed or what, for no one else can go ask someone for help but you. I once had this experience when I was at the beach and suddenly noticed something wrong with my veins. Apparently it was the first few days of my long travel and I badly need to know what’s wrong with it. Out of the blue, I asked this person beside my table if he knows someone who can help. Luck was on my way for he is a doctor specializing in veins – Dr Mark Rayman. He noted a website and said it would help me learn more about veins and varicose and the like. Talk about social skills! I didn’t even plan what and how to talk to him!

Explore like no other

Last and final thing I like when travelling on my own is that I get to explore other places which are not even in my original plan, without considering others. I don’t have to ask “can we drop by this museum?” or “can we check out this small, hidden beach?” plus, there’s no better thing than being able to check sites like and visit clinics and vein center Santa Barbara based, all on your own. You can explore the place, seek medical help, experience something new even when it’s not in your plan, and all you have to think of is yourself. It may sound like I’m self-centered or something, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll realize the pleasure of loving and spending time yourself.

Drug Addiction Treatment is a Key Service in Orange County

Posted on 20 February 2014 (0)

addictionMany people who come into OrangeCounty do so as a means of visiting the amazing lands around the area and its various attractions. However, some people who arrive in OrangeCounty do so as a means of finding treatments for serious drug problems.


A drug addiction can be a serious problem for people to bear with. It can ruin one’s life, one’s relationships with others and one’s body. The threat can be a real burden because it may be hard to get over a drug addiction at times.


However, it is not impossible for people to get over their addictions. Drug addiction treatment in OrangeCounty is available through the services at Simple Recovery. It can be a key to helping people learn how to control their lives and to reach the ultimate goal of having a positive and healthy life beyond a drug addiction.


Creating a Secure Foundation


One aspect of a drug addiction treatment that must work in OrangeCounty involves creating a foundation for treatment. This includes taking a look at the emotional, physical and social aspects that come with a drug addiction.


An appropriate foundation for treatment is needed to ensure that a patient can receive the right support system for getting over an addiction. The foundation may be facilitated by a strong support staff as well as through friends and family members who are there to assist the patient for help.


Therapy is also available to help patients understand the roots of their addictions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is particularly utilized to help patients understand the reason why they started to use drugs and then find ways to control these influences. This is often done to get patients past the mental blocks associated with an addiction and therefore become more likely to succeed in a treatment program.


Creating a New Life


A drug addiction treatment center in OrangeCounty like Simple Recovery may also help patients with starting new lives beyond their addictions. Patients will receive help for getting back into society in many forms. For instance, a patient can get help with writing a resume or with learning how to handle a job interview. A patient may also receive a full educational assessment in order to figure out the next step in one’s plans for earning an education.


Understanding New Methods of Living


One of the most important aspects of a drug addiction treatment program in OrangeCounty is to take a look at how one can learn how to live one’s life in new ways. Specifically, a treatment plan must allow the patient to learn how to control one’s body and to engage in new habits that are productive.


The process of learning how to live without drugs entails more than just the detoxification process. It also involves working with new routines for protecting oneself. These often involve working in jobs and understanding how to handle one’s finances the right way. Sometimes these can involve fitness programs or new hobbies to take part in. Anything that is productive and positive can be a good habit to get into as it will replace the desires that a person once had for certain drugs.


A treatment center can help a patient to understand what new habits can be utilized in one’s daily life. The objective is to help the patient avoid the temptations of drugs and alcohol and to prevent potential relapses from occurring in the future over time.


Drug addiction treatment is a necessity for people to consider when it comes to improving their lives. Any person who has struggled with drug problems will need to get help as soon as possible in order to keep such an issue from being a serious burden.

Starting a New Business in Heavy Equipment Rental

Posted on 27 January 2014 (0)

Heavy EquipmentUnited Power Access is a new company dealing with heavy equipment rentals based in the UK. It is close to a year since the company, part of the CA Group, was incorporated. However; Greg Miller, the brains behind the enterprise, has already been sourcing for equipment and making everything ready for the company’s success.


The company was founded after it became apparent that the market had a dearth of reliable aerial lift machinery and equipment such as the large decked Rough terrain scissor lifts. It was at this point that Miller was recruited as the company sought to establish its own operation in order to cater for its in-house needs as well as providing aerial lift rentals to other contractors faced by a similar predicament.


Miller has three decades of experience in the Access industry, having learnt his ropes under the mentorship of the legendary David Meek. After nine years working with David Meek, he was recruited by Independent Access where he worked for a further six years. After this he had a short stint with Kimberly Access, leaving soon after the company was bought by Ray Ledger. Since then he has been involved with a variety of companies in the building and construction industry.


His first task for the CA Group was to carry out a feasibility study on the viability of the proposed rental operation. His report was accepted and he straightaway embarked on a search for premises as well as sourcing for the necessary equipment. Two established suppliers were identified as the ideal partners in the operation. Skyjack was especially selected owing to the company’s scissor lifts such as the SJ9250 and also the 8841 models which are considered ideal aerial lifts for roofing and cladding materials.


To provide for the need for booms, he settled on Niftylift especially owing to their 4×4 hybrid units even though United Power Access has been using nearly the whole gamut of Niftylift heavy machine series from the versatile Bi-Energy HR12 to the HR124X4, the HR17 and the HR21. The first set of 25 big decker Skyjack units were acquired in the three month period from June to September and have almost exclusively been used in CA Group projects. To get an idea of the sort of machines described, take a look at the ones featured here.


The company settled on a site in the small town of Lymm, just before M6′s junction 20 and close to Liverpool and Manchester. After acquiring planning permission from the local authorities, the company embarked on developing the site to a usable depot. The work of transforming the site started in October and by December, the company was already plying their trade at the Lymm depot.


In order to provide their sales team with the wherewithal to conduct business, the company also a acquired  a fleet of Land Rover Defenders and purpose built trailers. Right now the company has a collection of 116 units of heavy lift equipment and machinery, all paid for in cash. According to Miller, by the time each piece of equipment attains five years of use, it will have been replaced in order to ensure that the average age of their fleet is as low as possible.


By the middle of this year, the company plans to have expanded their fleet to at least 200 units in what Miller has labeled “Stage 2″ of the company’s growth plan. He attributes the success so far as well as the rosy future outlook on the fact that the company has focused on meeting the needs of customers before all other considerations.


Miller adds that the company has already embarked on deliveries to customers who are not part of the CA Group. The proportion of these deliveries is set to increase rapidly over the course of this year.